Shelter is a basic necessity of life after food and it’s the right of every citizen. Housing plays a vital role in our society today because it is only a man who has conquered housing problems or housing challenges in Nigeria that has actually solved a large portion of his problem in life. The housing standard in a society reflects the quality of living in that society. It can be said that wellbeing of every human revolves around housing.

Sadly, in a country like Nigeria, affordable housing has become a nightmare because of the inflation of building materials and due to some prevailing circumstances especially in a city like Lagos. According to United Nations, there was an annual growth rate of 2.8% in 2015 and the growth population of the urban area increased to 4.7%. This simply means that urban areas like Lagos requires immediate and fast tackling of housing deficiencies and create a system that will enable people create more housing solutions. This is why affordable housing should not be taken lightly.

Affordable Housing centers on housing medium income families. And in a country like Nigeria, majority of its population falls within that category. This concept of affordable home includes the average working Nigerian that leaves his/her home by 6am and comes back home by 10pm with the sole purpose in mind to own a home that is fully paid for by his/herself.

This is why, an initiative of Salescraft Limited (a real estate firm) has purposed and set up affordable housing within an estate around Lagos State, Ogun State and Eastern part of Nigeria to solve part of the housing deficit problem in Nigeria with a creative method of which will reduce the high cost of building for Nigerians by 30-35 percent. This method is called Compressed Earth Bricks (CEB) which is made from clay soil and the blocks are called Bricks. With this, middle income earners can subscribe to our Precious Peace Estate, Maya Ikorodu (2 Bedroom & 3 Bedroom Housing Units) with an amazing flexible payment option for a period of 2-4 years.


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